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Fundação Odebrecht

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Since 2003, the Odebrecht Foundation coordinates the PDCIS - Development and Integrated Growth Program with Sustainability. Its area of operation is concentrated around 11 municipalities home to 285,000 people and holding low Human Development Index. The PDCIS has as its challenge making the entire region prosperous in a socio-economic and environmentally sustainable manner by settling young people and their families in the countryside. The initiative builds its results through Participatory Governance, ie, involving the community, the Government (Federal, State and Municipal), the private sector and the civil society.

In order to promote the family’s productive development in rural areas, the PDCIS has as its strategy fostering, simultaneously, the four capitals: Human - quality field education (vocational-technical training adapted to the reality of the countryside), Productive - work position and equitable income distribution (encouraging cooperatives) Social - building a more just and caring society (valuing citizenship) and Environmental - Conservation of natural resources (ensuring future generations sustainable access to natural resources).

The PDCIS received the UN recognition by winning the 2010 United Nations Public Service Awards in the category “Fostering participation in public policy-making decisions through innovative mechanisms.” The program was the only initiative in Latin America and the Caribbean that addressed this issue. Sponsored by the Division for Public Administration and Development Management of the UN, the award recognizes institutions that have contributed to improve the efficiency of public administration.