The First Rural Entrepreneurs

In 2010, 114 local development agents were trained by the teaching units associated with PDIS

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“After three years, I am prepared for my decisions. I will put into practice my plans to reach my objectives,” said a confident young Joelton da Lapa, who completed his training at the Igrapiúna Rural Family Home (CFR-I) in Bahia’s Southern Lowlands.

On January 7, relatives and friends of Joelton and other youth participated in the ceremony that marked the conclusion of activities for the first group at the Home.

During the period they were at the teaching unit, the students learned about topics such as field administration, perennial crops, soils and the processing of animal and plant-based products, in addition to the basic concepts of cooperativism and environmental education. “With the support of the Home, I was able to found an association and I currently work with my community for my community,” said a pleased Rosimeire Santos.

Lapa and Santos are part of the new generations that are being education for life and through work, improving and multiplying the knowledge applied to the rural reality.

In 2010, 114 local development agents were trained by the Youth Home and Family Homes (Presidente Tancredo Neves Rural Home, Igrapiúna Rural Home, Nilo Peçanha Agroforest Home and Águas de Ituberá Home) – teaching units associated
with Bahia’s Southern Lowlands EPA Mosaic Integrated and Sustainable evelopment Program (PDIS), supported by the Odebrecht Foundation.

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