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Among other important characteristics, modern society offers technological advances and increased access to communication

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Among other important characteristics, modern society offers technological advances and increased access to communication. Within this context, the Internet has earned significance as a platform that presents a unique dynamic, one in which connection is globalized. In the virtual environment, it is possible to meet people and see places located anywhere on Earth, participate in debates, share information and access national and international news.

Recognizing these features and seeking to contribute toward the digital inclusion of young rural residents, a Cooperation Agreement was formalized between the company Semp Toshiba and the Odebrecht Foundation on November 14 at the Rural de Presidente Tancredo Neves Rural Family Home (CFR-PTN). One of the results of this partnership was the delivery of 102 laptops for the students of the three Family Home groups. “I am grateful for the trust bestowed and opportunity to bring a work instrument that will help improve the knowledge of these youth,” said Afonso Hennel, President of Semp Toshiba. “The goal is to guarantee the future of this new generation and the communities involved,” said Hennel.

The equipment will remain with the students during their learning at the CFR-PTN, which lasts three years. “We have to value all of the tools that contribute toward the students’ development,” said Fernanda Silva, Executive Director of the Family Home. “More than computers, they will have access to new possibilities to enrich their studies,” she said. Representing the students from Group 5, Márcia Silva, 17, states that “to form a rural middle class, technology must also be present.”

The meeting included the presence of Moacir Pereira, Vice Mayor of Presidente Tancredo Neves; José Alves, President of the Municipal Board on the Rights of Children and Adolescents; Joelson Santos, President of the municipality’s Director and Store Owner Board; Deuclécio Dedra, President of CFR-PTN; Juscelino Macedo, Leader of the Strategic Manioc Cooperative Alliance – of which the Family Home is part; Mauricio Medeiros and Clovis Faleiro, Executive Chairman and Institutional Relations Director for the Odebrecht Foundation, respectively.

After the ceremony at CFR-PTN, the representatives from Semp Toshiba visited the Juliana Farm installations in Igrapiúna (BA), where the visited the construction work for the Continental Water Aquaculturists’ Cooperative Fish Processing Unit and the future Waters Family Home head office.


In addition to the acquisition of portable computers, the agreement with Semp Toshiba also includes the installation of 10 computer laboratories in the areas covered by Brazil’s National Broadband Plan – Presidente Tancredo Neves is one of these – as well as investments for the social-production projects developed by the Family Home. “Today is an important day for consolidating the partnership and bringing technology to the rural zone,” said Faleiro. “This equipment represents an opportunity for each youth, since the information available in the virtual world can be transformed into results,” he said.

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