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November 25 marked the celebration for the end of the 2011 phase of the PDIS Teaching Unit Faculty Training Program, supported by the Odebrecht Foundation. The event was held in Salvador

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In Bahia’s Southern Lowlands, hundreds of youth have access to training that is based on the principles of education for life and through work. This new generation is being guided by a team that dedicates time, presence, experience and example. They are monitors, school secretaries, educational advisors, teachers and educators who share knowledge and are responsible for their students’ development.

The Bahia Southern Lowlands Environmental Protection Area Mosaic Integrated and Sustainable Development Program (PDIS), supported by the Odebrecht Foundation, created the PDIS Teaching Unit Faculty Training Program in order to integrate and promote the exchange of experiences between these educators.

During a 10-month period, the team developed concepts associated with sustainability, diversity, nature sciences, earth physics and strategic and financial bases for the development of production projects. “This initiative is crucial for the youth’s development,” said Joelma Sena, Educational Advisor to the Igrapiúna Rural Family Home.

November 25 marked the end of the 2011 phase of the training program with the delivery of 31 certificates in Salvador, Bahia. “The educator’s profession must develop constantly in order to strengthen our teaching methodology,” said Ademário Reis, Principal of the Youth Home State High School. “This moment marks the history of a journey we have taken together,” said Reis.

One of those present at the event, the Bahia Secretary of Education, Osvaldo Barreto, emphasized the importance of actions like this one. “We need to create a school that responds to the population’s need and I see that this is precisely what is being done in Bahia’s Southern Lowlands,” said Barreto. “An initiative that integrates and seeks a permanent dialogue with the community. The department is monitoring this experience and seeks to build a stronger relationship,” he said. “It is an immense challenge to guarantee our youth the right to learn, and this is your work,” said the secretary, speaking to the educators.

“The technical professional education offered by the Family Homes and Youth Home is aligned with the national desire for teaching quality, creating opportunities for the youths’ access to knowledge and the generation of jobs and income,” said Joana Almeida, Educational Advisor to the Odebrecht Foundation and responsible for the training program.

The speaker from the group and Teaching Director at the Presidente Tancredo Neves Rural Family Home, Rita Cardoso, thanked those present for the opportunity during a touching speech: “This team is very strong, primarily when it comes to training the youth,” said Cardoso.

The event also included the presence of the Advisor to the Presidency of the State Board of Education, Astor de Castro Pessoa, the Executive President and the Vice Presidents of the Odebrecht Foundation, respectively, Mauricio Medeiros, Roberto Lessa and Waldeck Ornélas.

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