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A partnership between the COOPECON and Walmart Brasil is promoting the tilapia filet produced by aquaculturists from Bahia’s Southern Lowlands at the chain’s supermarkets

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An action with demo booths, samples and the distribution of pamphlets represents the first step in the partnership between the Continental Waters Aquaculturists’ Cooperative (COOPECON) and Walmart Brasil to promote the tilapia filet produced by aquaculturists in Bahia’s Southern Lowlands.

Since March 19, the campaign has been undertaken at the Bompreço supermarket, the chain that is part of Wal-Mart, at two branch stores in Salvador, Bahia: Iguatemi and Litoral Norte. Some 3.5 tons of fish cultivated by the COOPECON members are available for sale. It is estimated that the action will be finalized on April 7.

The sale of the fish filet is part of the Producers’ Club project, designed to provide small and medium-sized producers access to the retail market, developing regional suppliers based on fair trade. The initiative also helps the farmers get established in their communities. “By taking the cooperative’s product to be sold at stores, we are helping the small producer overcome its greatest challenge,” said Rádi Cavalcanti Batista, Agribusiness Manager at Walmart Brasil.

“We will grow even more, since we are working toward this goal and our region has great potential,” said José Raimundo, Chair of the COOPECON Board of Directors. “The partnership is very important for helping us sell our product,” said Raimundo.

The partnership should become official in May at the Bompreço Supermarket in Iguatemi. On the occasion, COOPECON will also launch the frozen tilapia filet with its own packaging and deliver 500 kg of another species of fish, pirarucu. Walmart plans to sign a statement of intent with the Waters Family Home (CFA), making a commitment to support studies focused on the development of tilapia with functional characteristics.
CFA and COOPECON are institutions tied to the Bahia Southern Lowlands Environmental Protection Area Mosaic Integrated and Sustainable Development Program (PDIS), supported by the Odebrecht Foundation. Through the program, they form the Strategic Aquaculture Cooperative Alliance, a model that benefits workers from the rural zone and their families by encouraging fair trade and the training of young rural entrepreneurs.

Start of sales
Elisabete Nery, resident of Salvador, was the first customer to buy the fish. “Everyone likes tilapia at my house,” she said. “And I think it’s better this way – nice and fresh.”

Cooperative member Adenilton Pereira, who was present at the event, approached the customer and introduced himself as one of the cooperative members, reinforcing the quality of the product she had purchased. “We care for the tilapia with a great deal of dedication so that it reaches the customers,” said Pereira. “Our activity is tied to a social inclusion and sustainability project, which generates income for many families in the Southern Lowlands,” he said.

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