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Felipe Luís Oliveira, age 15, is realizing the dream of work in the area of agronomy ever since he joined the Agro-Forest Family House

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Even when very young, Felipe Luís Oliveira, age 15, demonstrated maturity when talking about his concern with conserving nature. The owner a property, he states that he wants to work in the area of agronomy and that this dream is coming true ever since he joined the Agro-Forest Family House (CFAF) – a teaching unit associated with the Bahia Southern Lowlands Environmental Protection Area Mosaic Integrated and Sustainable Development Program (PDIS), supported by the Odebrecht Foundation.

“I have the opportunity to acquire some valuable learning and give back what nature has always done for all of us,” said Oliveira, a student of the Professional Technical Education High School Course in Forests. His brother, Moisés Luís Oliveira, also studies at CFAF.

Despite living in the Downtown area of Taperoá, in Bahia, with his parents and brothers, the young man undertakes actions in two communities of the municipality – Jordão and Jacaré –, and puts the knowledge learned at the institution into practice. “I talk to the residents about the projects we develop and the importance of preserving the local culture,” he said.

Felipe believes that sharing learning is way of contributing toward a better future for people. He also works as a volunteer at the Municipal Youth Department, where he discusses improvements with the government representatives from his city. “If you have the opportunity to do good for society, seize it,” emphasized the youth.


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