IstoÉ Dinheiro brazilian magazine highlights Odebrecht Organization as one of the 50 Companies that do Good

Published recognizes program promoted by the Odebrecht Foundation in the Southern Bahia Lowlands

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Istoé Dinheiro Magazine published the list of the “50 Companies that Do Good” in its last edition. Among those selected was the Odebrecht Organization, chosen for its support of the Southern Bahia Lowlands Environmental Protection Area Mosaic Integrated and Sustainable Development Program (PDIS), supported by the Odebrecht Foundation. The initiative was chosen in the “Partners” category.

PDIS has more than 30 partners that invested approximately R$ 100 million in the program in 2011 alone. “The social fabric is strengthened when we have the opportunity for governments, civil society and companies to work together and help promote sustainable development and growth,” said Mauricio Medeiros, Executive Chairman of the Odebrecht Foundation.

According to Istoé Dinheiro, over the years the discussion on social issues ceased from being something reserved exclusively to government agents and companies from a range of different sectors began to pay attention to this topic. An example of this is the Rio +20 event, to be held during the month of June, which will discuss strategies for combating global warming and guaranteeing the planet’s sustainability.

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