Fifteen years of IDES and a new website

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 In order to celebrate its 15-year anniversary, the Bahia Southern Lowlands Sustainable Development Institute (IDES) has launched a new website. At the space, visitors can learn more about the history of the institution, which was created in 1997, and follow a timeline that describes the details of this history. The website gathers the main characteristics and specific characteristics of the Southern Lowlands, presenting all the municipalities included in the same.

The recognition of the culture and customs of these cities is also a focus of IDES activities, and it promotes a series of programs in the quest to maintain local traditions. The restoration of the Morro do São Paulo Fort, located on Ilha de Tinharé, in the archipelago municipality of Cairu, is one example. After it is recovered, the space will be designed for public visits and used to present different artistic expressions, with an emphasis on ethno-development, which promotes the growth of a region through its local culture.

Another highlight of the website is its presentation of the strategies promoted by IDES to promote sustainability in the Southern Lowlands. Seeking to create conscious tourism, the institute is promoting Agroecotourism – a model based on agricultural, ecological and sustainable tourism. “This is an opportunity to provide supplementary income for the family unit,” said Liliana Leite, Executive Director of IDES. According to her, it is necessary to increase the relationship with the visitors and strengthen the community leadership. “We seek to live in harmony with nature and with the preservation of cultural identity as part of a productive and sustainable process,” said Leite.

News about the actions promoted by IDES are also available on its new webpage. The space also includes the address for the institution’s profiles on Twitter and Facebook, as well as a communication channel so that those interested can ask questions and interact with the institution.

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