Remodeling Rural Family Houses

BNDES investment is the result of the Technical and Financial Cooperation Agreement signed in 2009

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The students from the Igrapiúna (CFR-I) and Agroforest (Cfaf) Rural Family Homes – teaching units that offer training geared toward the reality of the rural region in the Bahia Southern Lowlands – will find their educational head offices remodeled and expanded in 2013. The investment, made by the Brazilian Economic and Social Development Bank (BNDES), is the result of the Technical and Financial Cooperation Agreement signed in 2009 by BNDES and the Odebrecht Foundation.

“I’m very happy and excited,” said Kesia Santos, a student at CFR-I. “Now we will have better accommodations and a computer laboratory with more equipment. Not to mention the environment, which will be more pleasant to study in,” she said.

For this teaching unit, the resources were divided into two payments. The first, which is already in use, in the amount of R$ 707,084.18, is allowing for the construction of the classrooms, administrative area and teachers’ room, as well as the cafeteria, computer lab, library and a multisport court. The construction work, which began in August 2012, should be completed by March and will benefit some 100 students.

The granting of R$ 755,965.62 for Cfaf as a single payment benefits 97 students. The project to expand the accommodations, the construction of the cafeteria and industrial kitchen, library, IT laboratory and room for the teaching board and educational team will be finalized by February.

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