Book Survival, Growth and Perpetuity now in digital version

The publication systematizes the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology. Initially published only in Portuguese, the three volumes were gathered in one digital file, in eBook format

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“Changes and evolutions come from adjustments and adaptations, always supported by a base that never changes.” These are the words found in the opening section of the book Survival, Growth and Perpetuity, written by Norberto Odebrecht, Chairman of the Odebrecht Foundation Board of Trustees and Honorary Chair of Odebrecht S.A. Brimming with this spirit of innovation, the publication – which completes 30 years in 2013 – was launched for the first time in its digital version.

The eBook designed to be read on computers, tablets or smartphones can be acquired through the Odebrecht Foundation website. It was initially published only in Portuguese, in partnership with the Brazilian publisher Versal Editores. The English and Spanish language versions are set to be launched over the coming months and will be publicized when ready.

The digital edition, similarly to the printed one, consists of three volumes and systematizes the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO), helping to disseminate the Principles, Concepts and Criteria adopted since the Organization’s very origins. It also offers orientations for the Action Program formulation process as well as the implementation of the same.

“By the time you finish this book, it will reinforce your conviction that the TEO are nothing more than the repeated and pleasurable exercise of the Spirit of the Art of Service, educating Members to exercise the transforming force of Pedagogy of Presence, creating and innovating to promote economic development, social equality and Cultural identity, with the right structure for Success,” said the author.

The Odebrecht Foundation is the institution responsible for selling the TEO books. The copyright for the work and all revenues obtained are directed at actions promoted in region of the Bahia Southern Lowlands, contributing toward the social inclusion of the Family Units from the rural zone.

Click here to acquire the digital version in Portuguese of the book Survival, Growth and Perpetuity as well as other printed publications about TEO.

Cost of the digital publication: R$ 80.00
To ask questions and obtain more information: fundacao@odebrecht.com  

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