Improved Efficiency and Reduced Costs

Bahia Southern Lowlands Shared Service Center offers specialized services with corporate security

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Offering specialized services with efficiency, corporate security and reduced costs: this is the goal of the Bahia Southern Lowlands Shared Service Center (SSC), installed in Ituberá. The result of a partnership established between the companies Artconta Consultoria Contábil and IQ Tecnologia, the SSC serves the institutions associated with the Bahia Southern Lowlands Environmental Protection Area Mosaic Program for Development and Growth Integrated with Sustainability (PDCIS), supported by the Odebrecht Foundation and public and private partners.

A model adopted at some of the Odebrecht Organization’s Businesses, the SSC supports financial, tax, accounting, personnel administration and information technology processes. Umberto Matteoni, responsible for introducing the SSC in the Southern Lowlands, emphasized that the proposal is focused on the development of the region and on people’s growth. “The idea is for the companies to be able to concentrate on what is essential for their operations,” said Matteoni, who also headed the installation of the Odebrecht SSC in São Paulo. “The result of this work will be seen over the medium and long terms, since it involves the training and qualification of the professionals involved,” he said.

The Southern Lowlands SSC began its activities approximately one year ago. Since then, it has been reorganizing and standardizing the processes of the institutions associated with PDCIS. “The relaxation of the flows allows us to focus on our objectives, giving Members more freedom to monitor the goals established, assured Volney Fernandes, leader of the Strategic Environmental Service Cooperative, associated with the Land Conservation Organization (OCT), one of the clients of the Southern Lowlands SSC.

For Leonardo Brandão, leader of the Southern Lowlands Dynamic Organization, it is crucial that the institutions have synergy and commitment. “We should emphasize that, in just a short period of time, the institutions understood the true role of the SSC and the results are already visible and just tend to increase,” said Brandão.

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