Partnerships to Qualify Youth

Cooperation Agreement is signed during the visit of Marcos Costa, President of Alstom Brazil, to the Southern Bahia Lowlands

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Seeking to qualify and develop youth in the area of Tourism in the municipality of Nilo Peçanha, located in the Bahia Southern Lowlands - one of the state's richest regions in terms of ecological and cultural biodiversity -, the Alstom Foundation signed a Cooperation Agreement with the Southern Lowland Sustainable Development Institute (IDES) and the Odebrecht Foundation. The idea is to encourage co-responsibility for the development of its communities and influence in terms of building the cultural identity and defining local public policies.

The action is the result of yet another partnership formed between the Bahia Southern Lowlands Environmental Protection Area Mosaic Program for Development and Growth Integrated with Sustainability (PDCIS), of which IDES is part, and supported by the Odebrecht Foundation and public and private partners. For four years, the company has directed a portion of its Income Tax to PDCIS through Tribute to the Future – a program that allows for the investment in actions that bring high quality education and opportunities for the professional development to talented individuals in the Southern Lowlands.

Established in September of this year during a visit to the region by the CEO of Alstom Brasil, Marcos Costa, the initiative will receive investments of € 80,000 and will promote heritage expeditions that seek to diffuse and add value to regionalization efforts, involving both residents and recognizing leaders up to age 18 for training in the area of Tourism. There will be the promotion of workshops about the importance of local material and immaterial heritage. “The project is focused on strengthening the region and is geared toward children and adolescents,” clarified Liliana Leite, Executive Director of IDES. According to Clóvis Faleiro Jr., from the Institutional Relations area at Odebrecht and Leader of Tribute to the Future, the support of partners helps build a relationship of trust with this public. “Together, we are effectively contributing toward social transformation in the lives of many youth in the Southern Lowlands,” said Faleiro Jr.

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