Southern Bahia Lowlands builds relationship with members

Initiative aimed to approach the reality of Southern Bahia Lowlands to the members of Odebrecht Organization working in the headquarters in Salvador

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From November 25-29, the Organization's head office in Salvador, Bahia, hosted “PDCIS Week.” PDCIS stands for the Bahia Southern Lowlands Environmental Protection Area Mosaic Program for Development and Growth Integrated with Sustainability. A chat with youth, theater play, craft exhibit, neutralization of CO2 emissions, the presentation of a video and special lunch were some of the actions designed to give Members of the Organization and visitors a better idea of what the reality in the Bahia Southern Lowlands is like.

PDCIS is supported by the Odebrecht Foundation in partnership with the government, private initiative and civil society. The challenge is to contribute toward the social inclusion of the family units, generating jobs and working to promote the fair distribution of income, while also encouraging environmental conservation actions, the practice of citizenship and high quality rural education.

There was demonstration of the region's natural wealth and agricultural potential through an exhibit at the building's restaurant with products such as tilapia, heart of palm, pineapple, banana, manioc flour and handmade crafts created by those supported by the program. Other activities took place simultaneously, such as an informal chat with cooperative members and youth, including Ubiratan Santos, a student from the Presidente Tancredo Neves (CFR-PTN) Rural Family Home, a teaching unit associated with PDCIS that offers professional-technical teaching in the area of Agriculture integrated with high school classes. “By applying the right techniques, I realized that I could support myself through agriculture,” said Santos.

The opportunity to build a relationship with the youth and cooperative members supported by PDCIS was marked the event

For André Sá, responsible for the Facilities area at the Salvador office at Odebrecht Properties and one of those responsible for the action, the Organization operates in a diversified and synergistic way, with countless achievements that many of the Members do not know about. “An event that is integrated with the office routine is an excellent example of how we can disseminate the learning, knowledge and the objectives we have already met,” said Sá.

Liana Fontenelle, responsible for the Organization's Documentation and Reference Center in the Odebrecht S.A. Communication area, stated that she was happy to be able to participate. “The details were special and the interaction with the youth was impressive,” said Fontenelle. “They are leaders and are prepared for life, demonstrating this with values that today are rare.”

The activities included the sale of the bio-jewelry handcrafted by the members of the Pratigi Environmental Protection Area Rural Producers’ Cooperatives (COOPRAP). The Tribute to the Future team also worked to publicize the program and raise investments for the projects promoted in the Southern Lowlands, focused primarily on training young rural entrepreneurs.

The Members also had the chance to measure the environmental impact of their actions and compensate them through the Pratigi Neutral Carbon Program. The initiative is coordinated by the Land Conservation Organization (OCT), also associated with PDCIS. The funds earned are used to finance the reforestation of the water sources located in the Pratigi Environmental Protection Area (EPA).

Members learned more about the OCT initiative that measures the environmental impact of the actions and allows for their compensation through the Pratigi Neutral Carbon Program

“Encouraging different ways of exchanging knowledge will help enrich our vision and understanding of the Organization even more,” said Sá. “In this case, it helped us better understand the investments and achievements earned by the Odebrecht Foundation in the Southern Lowlands,” he said.

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