Integrated Evaluation

Magazine is a compiled of three years of meetings with directors and monitors of educational units that apply the French model of pedagogy of alternation

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With aims of increasing the discussion about the professional education promoted in the Bahia Southern Lowlands, Odebrecht published the magazine “Avaliação Integrada: conceitos, convergências e indicadores” (“Integrated Evaluation: Concepts, Converging Points and Indicators”), written by Professor Joana Almeida, who has supported the actions of the Odebrecht Foundation for some 20 years and serves as the institution’s Educational Advisor since2004.

The publication details the educational process and encourages young talents to stay in the rural regions of their birth, integrated with their families through the Rural Family Homes.

The magazine is geared toward educators from the area of sustainable development and seeks to increase the visibility of what is being practiced through the Bahia Southern Lowlands Environmental Protection Area Mosaic Program for Development and Growth Integrated with Sustainability (PDCIS), sustained by the Odebrecht Foundation with the support of public and private partners.

“In the material, educators can find applicability and concepts through the knowledge acquired in the field,” said Joana Almeida.

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