Odebrecht Foundation received Statuette NÔUS

Recognition ceremony took place during the National and Latin American Award for Educational Excellence in Quito, Ecuador

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On April 9, the Odebrecht Foundation received the NÔUS Statuette from the Fidal Foundation as recognition for the actions it promotes in the Bahia Southern Lowlands. The NÔUS was delivered during the ceremony for the National and Latin American Award in Educational Excellence, held in Quito, Ecuador.

On the occasion, another 26 Ecuadorian and international initiatives were awarded by the Fidal Foundation, attesting the efforts and innovation of the national and Latino professors as part of their daily work. There was also the recognition of global personalities who have stood out through their social and educational contributions and who work to promote change in their countries.

The Odebrecht Foundation created the Bahia Southern Lowlands Environmental Protection Area Mosaic Program for Development and Growth Integrated with Sustainability (PDCIS), which promotes the simultaneous development of the following Capitals: Productive (generation of jobs and income), Human (quality rural education), Social (construction of a more just and fair society) and Environmental (conservation of natural resources). With the support of public and private partners, PDCIS supports actions focused on the youth and their interaction with their families, aiming to transform the reality of the rural zone communities.

“Our innovative Participative Governance system creates a synergistic and collaborative space for creating social initiatives, generating benefits for all the parties involved,” said Mauricio Medeiros, Executive Chair of the Odebrecht Foundation. Representing the institution during the ceremony, Medeiros received the award from the Brazilian Ambassador in Ecuador, Fernando Simas.

Representatives from Odebrecht Infrastructure - Latin America in Ecuador also participated in the event. Among them, José Conceição, Senior Officer, Lennon Almeida, the professional responsible for Communication, Honório Brito, the professional responsible for Sustainability, and Geraldo Souza, the professional responsible for Planning, Administration and Finances.

Learning the Practice

In March, the Chair of the Fidal Foundation and former President of the Republic of Ecuador, Rosalía Arteaga, visited the Bahia Southern Lowlands to learn more about the institutions associated with PDCIS.

During the visit, Rosalía Arteaga revealed that she was touched to see that in Brazil, the actions implemented seek to promote human development. “The youth represent the future of the nation, and that is why this commitment is extremely important,” she said.

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