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First book written by Norberto Odebrecht , What do we Need? completes 47 years as a reference for the development of human beings and the perpetuity of business

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By the 1960s The Construtora Norberto Odebrecht had earned a very solid presence throughout the Northeast region of Brazil. However, changes in perceptions, attitudes and behaviors regarding regional problems were beginning to compromise the search for the execution of engineering works in the region. The survival and the growth of the Organization depended thus, on winning new clients in other regions in Brasil. Based on the investigation of what was needed to achieve that goal Norberto Odebrecht, the founder, put on paper a number of ideas, thoughts and experiences in order to create a mental discipline and practical action geared toward success. Thus arose in 1968, the first edition of the book 'What do we Need?’

Investment in the human being, the duties of a leader of leaders in the organization, the quality in decision-making and the delegation of power are some of the topics discussed throughout the 66 pages of the latest edition, republished in 2007. For Marcelo Odebrecht, the book has become a benchmark for the perpetuity of the business. According to him, in a commemorative article on the 40th anniversary of the book, published in Odebrecht Informa # 147: "In this book, my grandfather saw with clarity the importance of equipping our leaders to foster their relationship with their subordinates and the practice of education through work."

According to Norberto himself, in the preface to the original edition, the drafting of the book was intended to "conquer those professionals who have initiative, who wish to evolve by taking on greater responsibility." So, along with the publication emerged the first reflections on the importance of actualizing the Culture of the Odebrecht Organization. Thus the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology - TEO was born, which focusing on Education and Labor, has become a way of life grounded in the Principles, Concepts and Criteria designed by Norberto and actualized in writing through his books.

The Odebrecht Foundation is the institution responsible for the publication and marketing of the TEO books, published in three languages, through the Editorial Program. The copyright and the revenues obtained are intended to the actions promoted by the institution. If you are in Brazil, click here and acquire a copy of the book ‘What do we need?’ as well as other TEO publications, such as the Education through Work and the books and Survival, Growth and Perpetuity. If you are a Odebrecht member and is outside of Brazil, please contact Odebrecht Export Services through the following e-mails: brunomeirelles@odebrecht.com; prisilva@odebrecht.com and pedrosousa@odebrecht.com.

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