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Learn more about the initiatives The Tribute to the Future Program and Editorial Program

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The actions of the Odebrecht Foundation are based on the principles, concepts and criteria of the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO). Besides the Program for Development and Growth Integrated with Sustainability (PDCIS), the foundation coordinates the Tribute to the Future Program and Editorial Program.

For Future Generations

Created in 2004, the Tribute to the Future Program allows members, other citizens and companies to contribute toward the actions supported by the Odebrecht Foundation. The support is offered through donations or income tax deductible contributions to educational and social projects that benefit children and adolescents. 

“It is a unique opportunity to exercise the Spirit of Service, a characteristic trait of Odebrecht Culture,” said Emílio Alves Odebrecht, Chair of the Odebrecht Foundation Board of Trustees and Odebrecht Group Board of Directors. “It also demonstrates social responsibility that reflects the commitment to the well being of future generations,” he said in a letter to launch the 2015 campaign, which features the theme Social Transformation: the Future is in Our Hands.

The projects supported by Tribute to the Future are focused on Education in Context and Education Through Work; Guaranteeing the Rights of Children and Adolescents; Youth Leadership and Formation of Municipal Boards. For Graciela Mendes Ribeiro Reis, Vice Chair of Organization & Governance at the Odebrecht Foundation, the program mobilizes people committed to social transformation. “It also reinforces the commitment to a generation of leaders, responsible for building a sustainable society,” said Reis.

Philosophy of Life

The Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO) is a philosophy of life that guides members and serves as the foundation for the growth of the Odebrecht Group. Focused on Education and Work, it values the willingness to serve, capacity and desire to progress, and the will to surpass previous results. Its principles are presented in books published between 1968 and 2011, written by Norberto Odebrecht. The publications are part of the Editorial Program archive, one of the initiatives coordinated by the Odebrecht Foundation since 1983.

For Eduardo Odebrecht de Queiroz, Executive Chair and Vice Chair of the Odebrecht Foundation Board of Trustees, the Editorial Program is dedicated to perpetuating the essence of a business culture, transmitting the values, technology and professional and personal experience of Norberto Odebrecht. “It is where we concentrate the base of the business culture that substantiates the ethical, moral and conceptual values and Spirit of Service of the Group’s greatest intangible asset: its members.” 

The earnings from the sale of the books go toward the actions supported by the Odebrecht Foundation, contributing toward the social transformation of hundreds of families, especially in the rural zone. “Besides the financial support, the TEO teachings are also shared,” said Lorena Oliveira, responsible for People, Organization and Finances at the Odebrecht Foundation.

“This is our greatest contribution, since through it we are building the foundations for development and sustainable growth,” she said. For Abinael dos Santos, former student of one of the PDCIS Program Rural Family Homes, the TEO is a guide that has helped orient his studies. “It represents a complete life change, since we learn beliefs and values that we pass along during our professional development,” he said.

Presence That Continues To Mark History:

Member of the Odebrecht Foundation Board of Trustees and Odebrecht S.A. Board of Directors, Pedro Novis joined the Group in 1968. In 2001, he was named President and CEO of Odebrecht S.A. – a position he occupied until 2008, when he was succeeded by Marcelo Odebrecht. In a video recorded for the Odebrecht Foundation 50-year Exhibit, Novis emphasized the link between the institution and Odebrecht philosophy in the business field. “Its programs strongly correspond with the Group’s values in the sense of promoting human and community development,” he said. “The foundation believes in people’s capacity for development.”


DE QUE NECESSITAMOS? (“WHAT DO WE NEED?”) Written in 1968, it addresses the first reflections by Norberto Odebrecht about the importance of putting the Odebrecht Group culture into practice

SURVIVAL, GROWTH AND PERPETUITY In 1981, it took the shape of a book that systematizes the principles, concepts and criteria that constitute the TEO. Divided into three volumes, the first edition was launched in 1983

INFLUENCIAR E SER INFLUENCIADO (“INFLUENCE AND BE INFLUENCED”) In five volumes, the collection features transcriptions of lectures given at different times by Norberto Odebrecht. First volume launched in 1984

EDUCATION THROUGH WORK The book, from 1991, offers references designed to intensify the development of new generations and dissemination of the Odebrecht Culture

O ESSENCIAL EM PONTOS DE REFERêNCIA (“THE ESSENTIALS ON POINTS OF REFERENCE”) Launched in 2011, it presents the ideas of the book Pontos de Referência (“Points of Reference”), written in 1970 and which was not republished. Contains the foundations of what would become the TEO

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