Survival, Growth and Perpetuity

Written by Norberto Odebrecht and published in 1983, the collection systematize the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology

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Written by Norberto Odebrecht and published in 1983, the year of the launching of the Odebrecht Foundation’s Editorial Program, the collection Survival, Growth and Perpetuity is one of the most popular readings of Odebrecht Group Members by virtue of its systematizing of the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO). Consisting of three books, the issue was expanded by the author in 1984, revised in 1987, 2002, 2006, 2007 and finally in 2008 - while always maintaining unchanged the essence that constitutes the fundamentals of this technology.

In volume I, are the principles, concepts and philosophical criteria of TEO.  Volume II shows the process of formulating an Action Programme in order to generate results in previously agreed deadlines and costs. In the last volume, practical orientation is given for the implementation of this Action Programme and the continued surpassing of results before scheduled and with lower costs. As an advice to readers, Norberto Odebrecht suggests that the reading should start by Volume III, then moves on to Volume II, and be concluded with Volume I. The explanation, according to the author, is that "our commitment with the practice, with the “making it happen”, is the emphasis of Volume III. In other words, the direction you want to go: getting results, with Client satisfaction and sustainability of the whole and of everyone", he said.

Restating Rui Barbosa’s phrase that "In the moral world as in the physical world, everything changes on a basis that never changes," Norberto Odebrecht concludes the work’s preface showing that the readers of Survival, Growth and Perpetuity will be able to see that changes and communication are required in order for one to evolve, however, the basis is immutable. Also states "TEO is nothing more than the repeated and pleasurable exercise of the spirit and art of service, educating for the exercise of the transforming pedagogy of presence, creating and innovating with a view to economic development, social equity and cultural identity, accompanied by the correct structure to success. "

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