Eight Thousand for the Same Cause

The force of some 8,000 participants resulted in over R$ 4 million raised in 2015 for projects that will help transform the reality of hundreds of children and adolescents

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The force of some 8,000 participants resulted in over R$ 4 million raised in 2015 for projects that will help transform the reality of hundreds of children and adolescents. These were some of the figures from Tribute to the Future, an Odebrecht Foundation program whose last edition worked with the theme “Social Transformation: the Future is in Our Hands.” The funds raised will allow it to implement 100% of the projects selected for support in 2016. Since its creation back in 2004, the program has helped raise approximately R$ 32 million. Donations were made through the Municipal Children’s and Adolescent’s Rights Funds (FMDCA) and are tax deductible.

“The contribution to the program demonstrates our power for achievement as members when it comes to a common, higher and noble cause: positively transforming the reality of future generations, represented today by the opportunity for the full development of children and adolescents, “said Eduardo Odebrecht de Queiroz, Executive Chair of the Odebrecht Foundation. Six initiatives promoted by institutions that are part of the foundation’s PDCIS Program will be implemented, benefiting either directly or indirectly some 8,000 people from 150 communities and 16 municipalities in Bahia. They are projects like Treading Paths, by the Rights and Citizen Institute, which promotes the professional training of citizens and adolescents.

260 Agents Of The Future

The last campaign received the support of 15 businesses in Brazil. Some 260 members served as Agents of the Future and, through a voluntary mobilization, were responsible for the 77% campaign participant engagement achieved. Partner companies also joined in. Marcelo Arantes de Carvalho, Vice President of People, Organization & Supply at Braskem, had the chance to see the supported programs up close and was able to witness the impact they have on the communities. “Investing in projects we believe in when it comes to essence and intention is something that makes me very proud,” said Carvalho. “And even more so when they are coordinated by institution serious about its principles.”

Testimonials such as that of Camila Rocha, age 17, reveal the power of the contributions. A former student of the Igrapiúna Rural Family Home, she received support through the Future Rural Entre preneur Adolescent Development Project. “At the Family Home, I figured out what I wanted,” said Rocha. “I view the small heart of palm plantation I have as my company,” she said.

Marcelo Aguirre Carvalho: proud to participate

The fundraising phase for the 2015/2016 Campaign is over, but Tribute to the Future continues to disclose the main indicators and results. Supporters can have access to the reports at the Odebrecht Foundation website and through the institution’s social channels.


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