Beginning of a new cycle

Family Houses supported by the Odebrecht Foundation graduate about 100 technicians in the Southern Bahia Lowlands

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The method requires three years of theoretical and practical teaching, involving students, educators, family and community, to reach the long awaited moment: the completion of the Course of Technical Professional Education Integrated to Secondary Education. In December 2016, the moment came about to around 100 youths from the Southern Bahia Lowlands who graduated in Agriculture from the Rural Family House of Presidente Tancredo Neves (CFR-PTN in Portuguese), in Agribusiness, from the Rural Family House of Igrapiúna (CFR- I in Portuguse), and in Forestry, from the Agroforestry Family House (Cfaf in Portuguese).

"I was an inexperienced and insecure girl during the first alternations. Today I look back and realize how I grew up on the professional as well as on the personal side. I want to continue to run my family business and not stop studying" said Liliane de Jesus, 17, a CFR-I graduate. The reported transformation and its entrepreneurial vision are also perceived in the other 30 youths who have completed the course in the institution. "We have in ourselves the sense of accomplishment as we see them prepared for life and the world of work," said Principal Robson Kisaki at the graduation ceremony on December 16.

New CFR-I Agribusiness Technicians

For Maria Brito, President of the Cfaf, the contextualized teaching of the Family Houses is an opportunity that should be valued. "You are privileged to study in an institution that focuses on both the professional and human spheres. Know that this is only the first step of several achievements that will come." She spoke these words when addressed the 33 new rural entrepreneurs at the time of their graduation, held on December 15. "We became better people and have consolidated ourselves as professionals using the scientific knowledge learned in the course, in our properties," said Patricia Santana, 18, now a Forest Technician.

Youths who are part of the fourth group graduated by Cfaf

In CFR-PTN, the feeling that prevailed was that of gratitude. Both for the pedagogical team as well as for the 29 youths who have graduated, such as Samuel da Silva, 19 years old. "It is difficult to find words that express my gratitude and happiness. I would like to thank my parents for so much effort and support and the monitors for looking after of us with such care." He spoke these words during the graduation ceremony, held on December 10.

A feeling of joy infused the CFR-PTN graduates

Integrated within the Odebrecht Foundation’s Governance Pact, through the PDCIS Program, the three institutions are accredited by the Bahia State Board of Education to offer the Technical Professional Courses Integrated to Secondary Education. As a differential, the students go through different stages and, from the first year, they have contact with the productive practice in the field directed to the area of their course.

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