Tribute to the Future raised R$ 3.3 million in 2016

In 2016, Program once again successfully contributed toward the development of children and adolescents in the Bahia Southern Lowlands

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In 2016, the Tribute to the Future Program - New Generations once again successfully contributed toward the development of children and adolescents in the Bahia Southern Lowlands. Over 10,000 people will be benefitted in the 16 municipalities and 169 communities involved.

The Odebrecht Foundation initiative continues to prove how mobilizing members, companies and all of society can make a difference, even in a scenario marked by economic crisis. Last year, the program was able to mobilize some 6,500 people and raise R$ 3.3 million.

But do you know how to participate? Through donations or an income tax-deductible contribution, you can support social-educational projects like Culture of Mediation at School. Held at a high school in the municipality of Tancredo Neves, the initiative encourages students ages 10-16 to practice conflict mediation and respect diversity and the culture of peace in the school and social interaction environment.

“The idea is to work toward a more just society, with citizens who know how to communicate better and resolve their conflicts peacefully," explained Mariene Barbosa, Coordinator of the action promoted by the Rights and Citizenship Institute – an institution supported by the foundation through the Program for Development and Growth Integrated with Sustainability (PDCIS).

For Eduardo Odebrecht de Queiroz, Executive Chair of the foundation, the result of the campaign springs from the awareness that it is possible to change the reality around us through education. “We attract people and companies interested in promoting opportunities that effectively and positively transform the lives of adolescents and their families," he said.

Marcelo dos Santos, age 27, is an example of this achievement, and was one of the first adolescents benefitted by the program 10 years ago. “I can guarantee you that it was the chance to create a new life in the rural region," said Santos. "And my way of saying thanks is to invest and work even harder, always achieving the best result for everything who believed in my dream," he said. To learn about other inspiring reports, click here.

15 Businesses Involved
Similarly to Santos, hundreds of children and adolescents received some special support: the program's last campaign involved 15 Odebrecht Group businesses and some 240 members who worked as Agents of the Future and mobilized their colleagues to participate.

One of these was Karla Valéria Oliveira, from Braskem, who has been enthusiastic about the initiative since its creation. “Seeing that sparkle in the eyes of the beneficiaries gives us the hope that the world can be much better," she revealed. "I believe in this transformation." She was one of the 100 Braskem members who visited the projects supported in 2016.

"The future is being built today – here and now," said Graciela Reis, Vice President of Organization and Governance at the foundation, which heads up the program actions. "Through this initiative, all of us have the opportunity to positively influence it using the strength of example," she said.


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