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Started 51 years ago, the Foundation creates opportunities for social transformation

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Transparency: it is with this in mind that the Odebrecht Foundation periodically discloses the indicators of its actions and programs, presenting the results achieved together with partners and investors who are engaged with its cause – numbers that reveal, for example, how many people were benefitted per year.

It is with this mission that the institution recently launched the 2016 Performance Report - On the Path to Sustentability. The publication presents the main indicators from the Tribute to the Future Program – New Generations, Editorial Program, and Program for Development and Growth Integrated with Sustainability (PDCIS).

Want a sneak peek? Last year alone, R$24 million were invested in these initiatives, which directly benefitted 20,000 people from 390 communities in the Bahia Southern Lowlands region. “In 2016, for example, we supported institutions that achieved the records of 305,000 people assisted with citizenship actions and 201,000 trees planted in Atlantic Forest areas in Bahia," said Eduardo Odebrecht de Queiroz, Executive President and Vice Chair of the Foundation's Board of Trustees.

Started 51 years ago, the foundation creates opportunities for social transformation by simultaneously promoting the generation of work and income and offering access to context-based high quality education, focused on citizenship and the environment.

Graciela Mends Ribeiro Reis, Vice President of Governance & Organization at the Odebrecht Foundation, emphasizes that the consolidated results from 2016 reinforce the institution's future vision. "We are continuing in 2017 with the same commitment: to create opportunities that transform lives, with the belief that human beings have an incessant desire to evolve and only need the right instruments to develop to their fullest potential," said Reis.

Here are some of the 2016 indicators:

*During its last campaign, the Tribute to the Future Program - New Generations recorded over 6,500 contributors. Together, they were responsible for raising approximately R$ 3.3 million. This amount will benefit some 1,100 children and adolescents in 2017.
*Through a campaign focused on valuing and disseminating the Odebrecht culture, part of the Editorial Program archive was sold to more than 20 countries;
*It was also an important year for the PDCIS Program. Over 1,000 students were benefitted through the Family Homes and 800 family farmers were positively impacted by the new production and sales technologies, allowing them to reach earnings of R$ 43 million;
*The foundation supported institutions that set the records of 305,000 people assisted in the area of citizenship and 201,000 trees planted in Atlantic Forest areas;
*Present on social media since 2015, the foundation hit the record of more than 155,000 followers on Facebook. It also won the North and Northeastern phase of one of Brazil's main corporate communication awards – Brazilian Association of Corporate Communication (ABERJE) – with its 50-year Communication Campaign.

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