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Published in 1968, the book "What Do We Need", Norberto Odebrecht's first piece, completes 50 years

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To groom leaders, it is fundamentally important to stimulate trust in human beings and delegation of tasks. This is one of the concepts addressed in the book “What Do We Need?", the first book written by Norberto Odebrecht and which completes 50 years in 2018.
The 66-page book contains the author’s thoughts and reflections on what is required to ensure the survival and growth of a business. Launched in 1968, the book was revised in 2007, with the inclusion of a preface and updates to the language and spelling. Five thousand copies were printed.
“Moved only by intuition, I felt the need to put into words a series of ideas, thoughts and experiences, to discuss them with my closest colleagues and to make them reach everyone, so as to create mental discipline and practical actions aimed at success”, explained Norberto Odebrecht in the updated preface of the book.
Published in 1968, the book addresses topics such as the relationship between Leader and Team Member, trust and the strength of teamwork
Guided experience to success
In “What Do We Need?”, the author lays down the philosophical ideas of qualification through education and work, which were later systematized in Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO). At the foundation of the book are the ideas of respect and trust in the human being, which are essential for the success and growth of businesses.
From this base, the author expounds his views on integration between leaders and team members to form a motivational environment where it is possible to stimulate professionals who demonstrate initiative and the will to evolve. “Whoever wants to manage by adding and achieving, needs to trust and believe”, says the author on page 30. From this perspective, the book also addresses ideals such as the strength of teamwork and the quest for the opportunity to serve.
Worth knowing
In 1983, Norberto Odebrecht ceded the copyrights to the TEO, including the now 50-year-old book “What do we need?”, to the Odebrecht Foundation. Today, the entire proceeds from book sales go directly to social projects supported by the Foundation, whose mission is to promote the sustainable development of youth and their families in the Baixo Sul region of Bahia.
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