Odebrecht Foundation holds Training Cycle

In October 2018, the Odebrecht Foundation held a Training Cycle for team members on topics linked to the institution’s financial, accounting and tax processes

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Jose Ernesto Gonzalez in training program for the Odebrecht Foundation team on Compliance and Finances​​​​​​
In October 2018, the Odebrecht Foundation held a Training Cycle for team members on topics linked to the institution’s financial, accounting and tax processes. The workshops also included presentations and dialogues on the new internal guidelines, people development and annual planning.
The cycle consisted of four training sessions. The first, on “New Financial Guidelines”, was presented by José Ernesto Gonzalez, director of People, Finance & Compliance at the Foundation, who discussed its new internal procedures. Next came the workshop “Action Program (PA) 2019”, administered by Beatriz Lepikson from Sustainable Development, which addressed the concept of the PA, how to structure it and its importance for planning actions. Another workshop presented by Gonzalez, “New Compliance Guidelines”, addressed topics such as the institution’s compliance policy, which is aligned with the principles of its sponsor, Odebrecht S.A.

Team Members also participated in a workshop on Ethics, Integrity and Transparency, which was administered by José Marinho, a former Odebrecht team member and a partner at Marinho Consultores Associados. Marinho held a dialogue on the moral issues inherent to society and delved into the systematic concepts of the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO), while encouraging reflection on the current moment of the Odebrecht Group. “Our current situation is one of transformation. And we have to blaze a new path, because one does not exist. We are part of this process”, provoked the consultant.
With group dynamics and discussions, the workshop addressed issues such as developing new employees and strengthening the corporate culture among team members. “We cannot develop good, new entrepreneurs without creating good, new businesses. We are building our future every day”, he emphasized.
Foundation’s Team Members participates in workshop administered by consultant José Marinho​​​​​​
The opportunity also was marked by discussions on the relevance of the role of compliance in the organizations and the importance of establishing transparent processes with supported institutions, partners, investors and society in general. “We have to know what is right and to make it happen. The best ideas are worth nothing if they do not come to fruition”, noted Marinho.
“It was a very enriching day, because our reason for existing is people. The cycle exceeded our expectations and now we are even stronger”, said Fabio Wanderley, Superintendent of the Odebrecht Foundation. “The Training Cycle reinforced the Odebrecht Foundation’s commitment to continually improve its internal processes and to train team members to act ethically, with integrity and transparency. The idea is to maintain an open space for dialogue on topics such as these, while also seeking to increase alignment and integration with the institutions we support”, concluded Gonzalez.


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