Tribute to the Future mobilizations conducted at Odebrecht Group

To strengthen a culture of donation and participation among Odebrecht Team Members, the campaign mobilizations 2018/19 for the Tribute to the Future program have been occurring since October at the Group’s companies

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To strengthen a culture of donation and participation among Odebrecht Team Members, the campaign mobilizations 2018/19 for the Tribute to the Future program have been occurring since October at the Group’s companies. To encourage engagement in this social responsibility initiative organized by Odebrecht Foundation (OF), the activities present the Tribute to the Future program and its goal of giving youth in the Bahia Southern Lowlands an education oriented towards sustainable development.
Over 400 Team Members already have been impacted through booths installed at the Odebrecht Salvador Office, the Odebrecht São Paulo Building and the Atvos office in the state of Rio de Janeiro, among other locations. In a space dedicated to the campaign, visitors can immerse themselves in an educational experience that combines agricultural theory and practice through a 360° video and also make a donation on the spot to the projects.
Tribute to the Future action reinforces the initiative for Atvos Team Members
In addition to these actions, two visits from Braskem Team Members to the Presidente Tancredo Neves Rural Family House (CFR-PTN), one of the learning institutions supported by the foundation and which receives funds donated through Tribute to the Future, were made in October and November. “I learned about the Tribute to the Future program through a lecture at Braskem in São Paulo, in which one of the young students was invited to talk about his experience. I was very moved, and since then I have been contributing to the campaign, but I hadn’t seen it firsthand. Now, after visiting the homes, I can say that what caught my attention most was the transformational power of these young people and their families, as well as their maturity and values, with concepts very similar to those of Braskem”, said Liriane Gandini, a Chemicals and Vinyls Team Member at Braskem, during her visit to the Family Home in early November.
“The funds raised during the campaign enables the initiatives supported by the Odebrecht Foundation to conduct even more educational projects with the youth”, said Thiago Maciel, who is responsible for the Tribute to the Future program. Donations are allocated to the three Family Houses participating in the Integrated Development and Growth Program with Sustainability (PDCIS): CFR-PTN, the Rural Family House of Igrapiúna (CFR-I) and the Agroforest Family House (Cfaf).
In the opinion of Quionei Araújo, the director of CFR-PTN, the visit from supporters at the institution is an opportunity to show the work being conducted and its impacts. “I’m glad that they can learn more about the space they support. Education changes and transforms people. I have seen this over the years. This support enables people to make their dreams come true. The most important thing isn’t the monetary investment, but the belief in what students can do”, he said.
Braskem Team Members immerse themselves in the routine at CFR-PTN
During the visit, the students themselves guided Braskem Team Members through the school spaces, showing where they put into practice what they learn. They also talked about the work conducted with their families and communities to replicate the knowledge they have acquired. “Supporters help us to take advantage of new opportunities. Welcoming the visitors is a chance to show what really happens here. When people have the experience of dialoguing with the students, they see that the investment is producing results”, said Edson Santos, a student in the third year of the program at CFR-PTN.
On November 13, Braskem organized D-Day, an event to encourage people at its units to contribute to Tribute to the Future. On the occasion, the Agents of the Future (volunteer Team Members responsible for engaging their colleagues in the campaign) worked even more intensely to foster a culture of donation in the workplace.
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