Odebrecht Foundation launches new website

Interactivity, connection, content and rapid access via smartphone, tablet or PC. Those are some of the features of the Odebrecht Foundation’s new website

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Interactivity, connection, content and rapid access via smartphone, tablet or PC. Those are some of the features of the Odebrecht Foundation’s new website, which was launched in January 2019. With a whole new look, the site covers the foundation’s history, its social program and how to support it, compliance and governance practices and the latest news.

The new site ensures faster and clearer communication with stakeholders. “At this time when we are reinforcing the importance of transparency, we strove to make it possible for people to understand our actions in a simpler way. We want to connect more and more with our partners, sponsors and those who believe along with us that it is possible to transform lives by fostering sustainable development”, said José Ernesto Gonzalez, People, Financial and Compliance Officer at the Odebrecht Foundation.

In all, there are six sections in the main menu, with each offering special content for readers. Read on to learn more:

The Foundation – The history of the Odebrecht Foundation, from when it was founded in 1965 to the present day, is located in this section. You also can learn more about the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO), the Foundation’s philosophical foundation, and access the virtual store selling books explaining the TEO system. You also can read testimonials from young professionals who benefitted from the social projects supported by the foundation over its more than 50 years.

Social Program – In this section, you can learn more about the social work of the Odebrecht Foundation and the Developmento and Integrated Growth Program with Sustainability (PDCIS), an initiative created in 2003 that realizes the foundation’s goal of promoting sustainable land development. You also will discover the Lowlands of Southern Bahia, a region where the institution works, learn more about the PDCIS and understand how the organizations executing the program function.

Support our Cause – Site visitors can participate and contribute to ensure that youth in the Southern Bahia Lowlands have access to quality education. In the section “Support our cause,” discover how you can help transform lives and learn more about Tribute to the Future, an Odebrecht Foundation initiative that raises funds to make educational and social and productive projects possible.

Governance – To uphold the principle of transparency, this section contains the Foundation’s compliance and governance practices, as well as its organizational structure, bylaws and policies.

News – Here you can read the latest news about the Odebrecht Foundation and the institutions supported by the PDCIS. Take this opportunity to register to receive news articles directly in your e-mail.

Communication – In this section, you will find publications such as the Newsletter, a report of the Odebrecht Foundation, and the Performance Report – Path to Sustainability.

The new website is expected to increase the number of visitors, especially those accessing from mobile devices, which will help to raise awareness on the foundation’s work. “The website is designed to facilitate public access. Besides adapting to all screen and device sizes and adopting the more modern site parameters, the new website boasts information architecture that enables readers to find content on the foundation more intuitively and interactively”, said Vivian Barbosa, Communication Manager at the Odebrecht Foundation.


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