Rural Family House is featured in Rede Globo’s program

3rd year student at Presidente Tancredo Neves’ Rural Family House (CFR-PTN) Magnison dos Santos was featured in the show

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3rd year student at Presidente Tancredo Neves’ Rural Family House (CFR-PTN) Magnison dos Santos was featured in last Saturday’s (19) edition (19) of the É de Casa program, shown by Rede Globo. In chat with hostess Ana Furtado, the young man spoke about his routine at school, what he produces with his family and how, from the culture of giving, young people like him have their dreams come true in the countryside.

At the age of 17, Magnison has already started in the rural business with his family, in Baixo Sul, Bahia, through the cultivation of bananas and cocoa. At CFR-PTN, the Odebrecht Foundation’s partner school for the execution of its Social Program, PDCIS, the adolescent has access to new technologies, agricultural management and knowledge that enable a better life in the field. Because of the work he does with young people from Baixo Sul,  CFR-PTN was recently selected to receive funds from Criança Esperança, Rede Globo’s initiative in partnership with UNESCO, in 2021.

Magnison dos Santos participated in the segment Viva o Verde during É de Casa TV show

“For us who receive the donations it is very important because the realities really change, it is a very beautiful program that, from donating is already beautiful, imagine participating in this project. It’s very important for the young man to see a person donating and saying he believes in you and your story.” said Magnison on É de Casa TV show.

When Ana Furtado learned more about Magnison’s experience at Casa Familiar, she was moved. “I realize you get so excited to talk about it, so I’m sure the project has changed your life. It is very important that we introduce you and your story here because Criança Esperança is turning 35. No matter how much the person donates, this little gesture can transform someone’s life the way it has already transformed yours,” she said.

Magnison participated in two of the show’s segments, both with forest engineer Murilo Soares. In a moment of exchange with the student, Murilo taught how to implement ginger along with banana and the cocoa the young man already grows on his property.

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