Odebrecht Group publishes special newspaper section in honor of Norberto Odebrecht’s centennial

The section will be published in the three main printed newspapers of Bahia

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Next Friday, October 9th, Norberto Odebrecht – founder of the Odebrecht Group – would turn 100 years old. As part of the celebrations for his centennial, Odebrecht S.A. and the Odebrecht Foundation will publish a special newspaper section on the life, work and legacy of the entrepreneur in the three main printed newspapers of Bahia: A Tarde, Correio* and Tribuna da Bahia.

The section will honor the life, work and legacy of Norberto Odebrecht

Divided into four parts, the section will take the reader for a dive into the life of Norberto Odebrecht. A man who lived ahead of his time, Norberto is held up as an example of being human, entrepreneur and educating leader. His life was marked by the spirit of service and dedication to people, he achieved not only the growth in business he led, But also contributed to the social transformation of communities and families.

According to Fabio Wanderley, superintendent of the Odebrecht Foundation, this is another time to reflect on the teachings of the visionary: “Mr. Norberto sought to build a more just society and with equal opportunities for all. This wish remains alive, inspiring our every action,” he says.

In addition to the businessman’s timeline, the section will bring statements from personalities and entities that recognize Norberto Odebrecht’s contributions, following the example of the Federation of Industries (FIEB), Trade Association (CBA)Trade Federation (Fecomercio) and Sister Dulce’s Social Works (OSID).

For Marcelo Gentil, responsible for Northeast region Communication at Odebrecht S.A., the capacity to plan based on observation and intuition was one of his differentials. “Norberto Odebrecht was a human being ahead of his time. He had a sensitivity based on observation of nature and people. From a Prussian education, his life was always guided by discipline, respect and the spirit of service. In his construction projects, he would not just focus his energy on a single engineering project, but also on social improvement and the transformation of future generations. So, By presenting this story to society is another way to honor Norberto Odebrecht’s centennial, And also a way of showing that his legacy remains alive and inspiring,” says Gentil.

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