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The Southern Bahia Lowlands - region that unites 15 municipies and has agriculture as its economic force - is the focus of the Development and Integrated Growth Program with Sustainability (PDCIS) actions.  The operation in this micro region has the challenge of converting into prosperous and dynamic a rural area with a huge environmental heritage by the fixation of youth on the countryside.

With an innovative system of Participatory Governance, the program integrates effort from Federal, State and Municipal Government, from private initiative, civil society organized by Odebrecht Foundation. The actions privilege the youth and the interactions with their families, transforming the reality of rural communities. 

The institutions that integrate the PCDIS synergically encourage the generation of work and income (Productive Capital), Quality field education (Human Capital), the construction of a fair and solidary society (Social Capital) and the conservation of natural resources (Environmental Capital).

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