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Tribute to the Future

Each year, employees from the Odebrecht Group and partner companies contribute to transform the reality of hundreds of children and adolescents by funding educational projects. This is possible through the Tribute to the Future, a program of the Odebrecht Foundation that enables the allocation of resources from the Municipal Funds for the Rights of Children and Adolescents (FMDCA).

There are two ways in which one can make this investment. The first is from the Income Tax (IT). In Brazil, taxpayers (Individuals) who make their Annual Adjustment Statement using the Complete Form can allocate up to 6% of their income tax to the projects supported by FMDCAs via the Tribute to the Future. Participants are entitled to the Tax Benefit for deduction purposes or for obtaining a refund of the donated amount. It is also possible for Corporations to contribute with up to 1% of their Income Tax. They need to make their Annual Adjustment Statement based on their actual profit, becoming elegible to deduct up to 100% of the tax payable amount.

Those who declare their income tax using the Simplified Form or are tax exempt can also contribute to the formation of children and adolescents. They just need to donate any amount in the annual revenue period, which runs from August till December.

The Tribute to the Future program reinforces everyone’s commitment in SERVING continuously more and better, in the training of a generation responsible for a sustainable society.


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