The Foundation

The Foundation

Institucional Mission: 

Educate for Life, through Work, on the basis of Values and surpassing Limits.

The Odebrecht Foundation is a private, non-profit institution maintained by the Odebrecht S.A. and idealized by Norberto Odebrecht. Founded in 1965, it is one of the oldest corporate foundations in the country and is based on a philosophy of life guided by Education and Work, understanding the young as the main agent of transformation of the context in which he or she is inserted, together with his or her family.

With the mission of “Educate for Life, through Work, on the basis of Values and surpassing Limits”, the Foundation values people as protagonists and contributes to building a more harmonious, responsible society with equal opportunities for all. Inspired by the Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO), it seeks to promote sustainable territorial development through the Development and Integrated Growth Program with Sustainability (PDCIS), whose objective is to transform socially, economically and environmentally the living conditions of the people of the Southern Bahia Lowlands.

The Foundation is connected to the United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) in the quest to overcome global challenges such as the eradication of poverty, in all its forms and dimensions, through youth education for production in the countryside, in the rational use and protection of natural resources and in strengthening the bases of citizenship

There are six fronts of action that have been prioritized by the Odebrecht Foundation in an integrated and synergistic way:

Education for Sustainable Development
Provide people, especially youths, with the necessary skills, competencies and knowledge to build sustainable development through the promotion of quality education oriented towards environmental conservation and sustainability; contextualized education; ethical and values formation; and youth protagonism.
Economic Development
Strengthen the economic development and social inclusion through the valorization of agriculture; incentives to the rural economy; support in the management, production, processing and marketing processes; promotion of food safety; increase in income; access to fairer markets, orientation for reinvestments and for the structuring of sustainable productive systems.
Environmental Conservation
Stimulate the conservation of the environment and biodiversity, enabling the rational use of natural resources, with emphasis on water protection through restoration and conservation of riparian forests and springs; promotion of avoided deforestation; conservation of soil and water; implementation of agro-ecological practices; carbon neutralization and revegetation; support for access to basic sanitation; and guidance for correct management of solid waste and inputs.
Innovation and Technology
Encourage the development of new methods of production and commercialization of products and the application of technologies to increase productivity, crop diversification, dissemination of good agricultural and agro-ecological practices, including the reconversion of areas into agroforestry systems.
Cohesion and Social Mobilization
Enable the union of people around common goals, by encouraging engagement in socio-productive organizations; formation of new leaderships; incentive to the permanence in the countryside; empowerment of communities; formation of a collective conscience; and strengthening people's self-esteem and identity.
Citizenship and Governance
Make the citizen aware of the set of rights related to economic and social well-being; and make it possible to access public and credit policies and strengthen the Child and Adolescent Rights Guarantee System.
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