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Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology

Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology (TEO - abbreviation in portuguese) provides the ethical, moral and conceptual fundamentals for the performance of Novonor Group Members. A Philosophy of life centered on education and labor, which acknowledges Human Being’s strengths, namely the willingness to serve, the capacity and desire to evolve, and the will to surpass results.

People’s performance is decentralized. Through a planned delegation process grounded on the confidence amongst leaders and the individuals that follow them, each one is responsible and autonomous to carry out ones Action Program. Thus, it is possible to meet the Clients’ needs, add value to the shareholders’ assets, reinvest the achieved results and advance on different fronts, with a common strategic direction and coherence of action and thought.


The cultural and ethical references for doing business within the scope of the Odebrecht Group rely on the principles of Odebrecht Entrepreneurial Technology. All the members of the Group have to act as Trustees of these principles, which form the core of the Shareholders’ Intangible Assets.

These cultural and ethical references should never become a "straight-jacket” to prune the initiatives, creativity, and style of those who accept and put them into practice. On the contrary, their aim is to boost the individual capacity and allow each one to print one’s personal mark on the facts and acts of the entrepreneurial life.

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  • Trust in People, in their capacity and desire to evolve;
  • Clients’ satisfaction, providing them services with emphasis on quality, productivity and community and environmental awareness;
  • Return to the Shareholders of the capital that was invested, adding value to their assets;
  • Decentralized performance grounded on full and planned delegation, so that the Entrepreneurs-Partners can perform their Action Programs with autonomy and responsibility;
  • Partnership amongst the members who participate in the elaboration and performance of the work and in the results;
  • People’s self-development, especially regarding Education through Work, which fosters the Group’s development;
  • Reinvestment of Results to create new labor opportunities and to ensure sustainability.


TEO’s Essential Concepts, together with its Basic Tenets, are the basis of Novonor Group common language and Communication System.
They aim at ensuring effectiveness to the interaction and clarity to the communication between Leaders and the individuals that they lead. They are also the fundamentals for common language efficiency, since each concept summarizes beliefs and values that need no repetition.

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Decentralization promotes constant and direct contact with the Clients, a clear perception of their needs and the best way to serve them, as well as the ongoing integration of new and better Entrepreneurs.

Planned Delegation

At Novonor, confidence is a synonym for planned delegation, in other words, confidence in Human Beings, in the rightness of character, potentials and will to develop, and also in their competence and alignment with the Group Philosophical Concepts.

Entrepreneurial Task

Entrepreneurial Task is the ongoing process oriented to the Client’s identification, creation, winning over and satisfaction.


By constantly adding value to the Shareholders’ Moral and Material Assets, the flow of results from Client => Shareholder grows bigger and better. Tangible and intangible resources that contribute to the Survival, Growth and Perpetuity of the Group. 

Social Responsibility

The Novonor Group fulfills its social responsibility by:

  • Satisfying its Client’s needs, with services and goods that result in the improvement of the quality of life of the Communities where it is inserted;
  • Contributing to the social, economic, technological, entrepreneurial and cultural development of these communities;
  • Ensuring the constant environmental care throughout its entrepreneurial actions.


The way of thinking and behaving of all the members of the Novonor Group is influenced by criteria. They are also useful to guide the practice of education through work, as well as the Entrepreneurs’ attitudes and behavior.

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The measure of all the values in the Group is the Human Being.

Entrepreneurs have to control their businesses in order to simultaneously satisfy Clients and Shareholders’ needs.

Education through work cannot be dissociated from the Entrepreneurial Task.

People who provide support to the ones responsible for the results have to focus on opportunities and results.

The Individual is entitled to share the results that were generated through his/her direct contribution and that can be measured, invoiced and paid by the Client.

Entrepreneurs must always be open to recognize and correct their mistakes promptly.

The image that counts and makes the difference is the one formed together with the Community, relying on each Client’s satisfaction and on the commitment to the Community well-being.

The Group’s Members are responsible for safeguarding their own health, the health of each one of the individuals that they lead, as well as the safety of the operations, quality of life and the environmental preservation in the communities where they are active.

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